Nigel is originally from Dartmoor in Devon, Southwest England. At the age of 2 his family moved to Somerset. He started playing the guitar when he was about fourteen. This was really down to his Dad. He had a classical guitar and used to play with a couple of friends in the evenings. It was one summer holiday when he was a bit bored that he got it out of the cardboard box. He was pretty slow to get into it, and stuck with only playing four strings for quite a while. But around the same time  started listening to a lot of music. In particular The Beatles and Bob Dylan. Generally the music had to have lots of guitars in it. So his desire to try and play and sing all these songs got his guitar playing started and began to write his own songs. When he was fifteen he made his first album onto a cassette tape which he says he still has somewhere. He imagines it probably sounds terrible but  was pretty pleased with it at the time!

Having played in many bands and gigging all around the UK, Brown moved to London in the early 90’s. Many more bands followed and the recording career began. This was a process that he loved and was constantly up in the small hours laying down guitar tracks. But his yearning to write songs did not leave him and in 2009 he recorded his debut album ‘Soldier’. The album was featured on iTunes in the new and noteworthy section and received great reviews. Inspired by the positive press, Brown threw himself into recording more and the ‘Troubled Road’ album and ‘Rag And Bone’ EP followed. He has also recorded three albums for the DeWolfe Music Library. The second album 'Songs From Real Life' has had particular success in Germany, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The track 'I Believe' was used in a TVB drama called 'Battles Of Tomorrow' which was very popular in China and the USA. His latest album ‘World On Fire’ was probably his best effort to date as it is a great mix of acoustic folk, with rock and country influences. Playing all guitars, mandolin, harmonica, bass and piano, singing all vocals. His son provided the drum tracks. This album could only have come from someone who has spent long enough honing their skills.

Nigel has written music for over thirty TV series. To hear a small selection click on the link below. These included 'Myths Monsters and Magic', 'The Complete Angler', 'Classic British Aircraft', 'Supermodels', 'Trainspotting', 'House In A Box', and 'The Caravan Show'. The majority of this work has been for Sky and The Discovery Channel. These tracks are being used by BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and all the mainstream channels. The clip above is called 'Myths Monsters And Hobbits'.

Nigel's new EP is called The Sands Of Time which came out September 30, 2016.

  • Sands Of Time - The forces of nature seem full of bets. You seem to see only what's in front of you. Stop playing games and see what's behind the sands of time.

  • Forever Be  - An easy going folk tune. It's like a lullaby going into soft rock. Keep your heart beating for the love. Never push the issues. It's never over. May you be free and forever be.

  • Keep On Goin' - An upbeat rambling tune that keeps you moving. Personality changes in time. Follow your changing colors. Keep on going despite the changes. Nothing can hurt you.

  • What I Needed - The freedom of the sea seems to be calling you. Freedom seems lost where you currently are. What you really needed was someone. Who is calling to you? You seem to know. A gentle rhythmic tune.

His real ambition and driving force behind the playing was primarily to write great songs. Early influences came from the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Brown was always fascinated by Dylan’s lyrics and how they had a meaning or a message in them and were not just pop songs. To hear and find out more about this great artist go to:

Denise L.  @DL7855  2016

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