The Hailers

THE HAILERS were originally formed by singer/songwriter/guitarist Robert Mills (formerly  named "The Loud Hailers") in his native Wales/UK, where he released several albums featured on S4C and BBC television and radio and for three consecutive years, the winning recipient of the Welsh Rock & Pop Awards. With Robert's geographic move, the band has since evolved into the current U.S. ensemble which includes bassist and songwriting partner, April Carson, known for her presence in The Wild Hairs, Misguided and Ron Keel's Fair Game. Originally from Cardiff, Wales, Robert’s career expands for three decades as a front man, guitarist, songwriter, producer and arranger. He has established an extensive list of album credits, television and featured films including performances with Foghat, Taj Mahal, Killing Time, National Anthem and Red Sharks. His teamed effort with Welsh recording artist Meic Stevens produced a compilation of Robert’s songs performed in the Welsh language receiving outstanding reviews throughout Britain and Europe.

The band members are: Robert Mills - guitar & lead vocals, April Carson - bass and vocals, Billy DiBlasi - drums, Ron Guzek - keyboards, Lori Herek – backing vocals and Richard “Koz” Kosinski – keyboards. Special guests include: Scott Page (from Pink FloydSupertramp, and Toto) - saxophone, Adrena Jensen - backing vocals and Harlan Spector - keys. The Hailers are living proof of “The Spirit of Music”. It manifests an energy in each given performance, bringing the audience a physical/emotional response to art embodying an authenticity that comes from the unwavering dedication to their craft. With eclectic enriched cultural influences, the band takes the best elements of classic rock and brings it to the present giving you a sense of familiarity from the Celtic influences of U2, the harmonies of Fleetwood Mac and the sultry psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd.

The band is currently being featured on local college radio receiving airplay of two songs from their most recent CD  Thirteen Souls (produced by legendary platinum producer/engineer David Devore, whose credits include Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, Foreigner, Nils Lofgren and REO Speedwagon). Their single, "Luanne" received rave reviews from music critics and is currently in the top ten of the Celtic charts while their song "Motion of Change" continues to be featured on radio throughout Europe, including, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

  • Getaway - Blues rock in The Rolling Stones 'Start Me Up' style. 'Early in the morning I lie awake in bed. Think of where my life is going as thoughts go round my head.  . . . .'

  • Tied to the tracks - Easy rock with a little island vibe. 'Tied to the tracks "Love why do you have to go away? Leave love that's such a shame. Promise you'll come back someday. Without you it won't be, it won't be the same.  . . . .'

  • Love Affair - The song starts out with a bongo like the beginning of Tommy James & The Shondells 'Crystal Blue Persuasion' then turns into a rockabilly island beat with a Spanish flair. 'It happened so quickly. It felt so right. A moment of passion, that could change your life.  . . . .'

  • Blues Sista - Funky blues beat with the guitar crying out its tune. 'It's the Blues Sista hanging at your door. It's the blue sista hanging at your door. Yeah, I've been hanging around your doorway. Been hanging 'round oooo I'm coming back for more.  . . . .'

  • Luanne - Gentle guitar with tension. The piano slowly leaves remarks then the music becomes psychedelic in a spacey way. The piano picks up the pace and solidifies the song. Americana country blues. 'Well your blues came and got me, got me out of this rain. Got this crazy feeling that things ain't going to be the same.  . . . .'

  • My love - Easy rhythm. Echoing background. 'She had eyes that shine. Hair  as black as coal. She'll look into your eyes, she'll look into your soul. . . . .'

  • Too Late - A lofty bass rhythm with rock and soul working into a 60's vibe feel. 'Took a walk down Chepstow road. Whoa, like we did before. Memories came flooding back of the times we shared.  . . . .'

  • Going Down - A gradual upward tone progression then the music opens up with a full country rockabilly beat. 'Ride that cow train. Ride it way down west. Take the rails all the way, Cali is the best. I'm going down, down, way on down.  . . . .'

  • Look at us Now - Country rock. The track has a more original beginning. The video sounds like the opening of the 'Pinball Wizard' by The Who. As the song progresses, it has a U2 feel to it. 'In our carefree youths we thought we had it all. Little did we know how hard the angels fall.  . . . .'

  • Cupid - Maracas shaking in the background. The music enters with a rockabilly flamenco beat. 'She plays with fire. She got that look. She'll dance around you like an open book.  . . . .'

  • Rollin along - Echoing bass transitioning into classic rock with psychedelic overtones. 'Rollin . . . . along. Rollin along with tupelo honey. Rollin along.  . . . .'

  • Strolin along - Piano blues with guitar accompanied by a full band sound. Words are spoken. 'As luck would have it, you never know which road you're on. But there's one thing I can say, as long as that sun is shining along the way.  . . . .'

The Hailers have performed at numerous venues throughout Southern California including The Saban Theater, The Canyon Club, The Rose in Pasadena, The Cap Theatre, The Jon Lovitz Theatre, House of Blues, Paladinos, The Maverick Saloon, On the Rox, The Bravery, BeX Bar, Molly Malones, Joes Great American Bar & Grill, The Black Rose Tavern, The Malibu Inn, and many more headlining their own shows. They have been the support band for acts, such as The Marshall Tucker Band, The Motels, John Kay & Steppenwolf, The Alarm, The Babys, Felix Cavaliere & The Rascals, Big Country, Psychedelic Furs, John Martin, Dr. Feelgood, Taj Mahal, Toto and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Celtic/flamenco. Classic and sultry psychedelic rock. Honest in their style, ambitious, strong work ethics and a signature sound. To find out more about The Hailers go to:

Denise L.  @DL7855  2017

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